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Born in Indiana and a dive shop pioneer in California, Mel Fisher (August 21, 1922 – December 19, 1998) was an American treasure hunter best known for finding the 1622 wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha. Diving became a family business: he lost his son and daughter-in-law when their boat capsized and sank in 1975. At the museum you see some of the gold and jewels from the Atocha. This is in easy walking distance from my homes.


The Key West Aquarium is the only public aquarium in Key West, Florida, United States. Built between 1932 and 1934, the Key West Aquarium is one of Florida's oldest aquariums and the first outdoor Aquarium in the U.S.. During the Great Depression, Key West had turned over its charter to the federal government due to the economic disaster that had hit the island. The federal government believed Key West, with its great weather and location, would make a wonderful tourist destination.They were right.  This is easy walking distance.


Take a ride to Key West’s dark side and explore the African Slave Cemetery where 15 poor souls perished on their fateful journey and hear the ghostly tales of the famous Captain Tony’s Saloon where not all the spirits are stored in bottles. Co.  Intrigued?  Come on out one night during your visit. The tour starts a couple blocks away on Duval Street.


The Key West Sunset Celebration invites everyone to partake in watching the glowing pink and red sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. The nightly festival hosts visitors from all over the world who come to take part in the magicians, jugglers, clowns, psychics, local musicians, artists, and food vendors that combine for an incredible cultural experience.


There is something intriguing about sunset in this part of the world, and a sunset in Key West is unlike any other. Just think about how many rum-runners, swashbucklers and explorers have seen those sunsets over the last few hundred years. While many enjoy the beauty of sunset from the sandy shores, there is no better view of the sun putting herself to bed for the night than from a key west sunset cruise. The views are awe inspiring and the horizon endless, but this is also prime time for watching the seemingly calm ocean come to life. The Harbor Walk is about six shorts blocks away.


Snorkel the Key West Living Reef from one of 4 different trips. You can spend all day on the water with our " DO IT ALL" where you will snorkel a shallow water ship wreck.Our Reef Snorkel Trip is on the newest Custom built sailing catamaran in Key West. The "Sandie Cat" Our Dolphin Triple Combo Takes you to the coral reef for one snorkeling stop and then you see. Dolphin in their natural environment as you also see the Sunset. Drive your own mini speed boat on our Safari Snorkel tour and snorkel the tropical waters around Key West. Depending on the tour.


The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory located at 1316 Duval Street which is about six blocks from my home is a butterfly park that houses from 50 to 60 different species of live butterflies from around the world in a climate-controlled, glass-enclosed habitat.  The conservatory includes flowering plants, cascading waterfalls and trees. There are also several species of free flying "butterfly friendly" birds, such as red-factor canaries, zebra finches, cordon-blue finches and "button" or Chinese painted quail. And there are a couple of cranky flamingos ready to give you their opinion on the world.


The Harry S Truman Little White House in Key West, Florida was the winter White House for President Harry S Truman for 175 days during 11 visits. The house is located in the Truman Annex neighborhood of Old Town, Key West and two blocks from my vacation properties. The house was originally waterfront when it was built in 1890 as the first officer's quarters on the submarine base naval station. The house was designed in 1889 by Scott, McDermott & Higgs, a local architectural firm.[3] The wooden duplex contained Quarters A for the base commandant and Quarters B for the paymaster.


Smathers Beach is the largest public beach in Key West, Florida, United States. It is approximately a half mile long.The beach is located on the south side of the island, along the Atlantic Ocean and State Road A1A, and begins at mile marker zero, the beginning of A1A. The beach is lined with coconut trees and is often crowded with tourists and locals alike. You'll need to bike or car to get here.  Also there's not a lot of shade so keep that in mind as the Key West sun is pretty strong. 


The Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, better known simply as Fort Taylor (or Fort Zach to locals) is a Florida State Park and National Historic Landmark centered on a Civil War-era fort located near the southern tip of Key West, Florida.Construction of the fort began in 1845 as part of a mid-19th century plan to defend the southeast coast through a series of forts after the War of 1812.   You can walk, bike or drive there and remember I have a pass for your entire group in both my properties.


The Ernest Hemingway House, officially known as the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum, was the residence of author Ernest Hemingway in Key West, Florida, United States. It is located at 907 Whitehead Street, across from the Key West lighthouse, close to the Southern coast of the island. On November 24, 1968, it was designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark.  Enjoy the many six toed cats who are direct descendants from the original Hemingway felines.  It's onlyl three blocks away.


The Southernmost Point Buoy is an anchored concrete buoy in Key West, Florida, marking the southernmost point in the continental United States, the lowest latitude land of contiguous North American States. It is 18 feet above sea level. The large painted buoy was established as a tourist attraction in 1983 by the city at the corner of South Street and Whitehead Street. Just as an FYI, Cuba is 90 miles away.  Miami is 156 miles away. My houses are six blocks away.

Dry Tortugas

The Dry Tortugas are a small group of islands, located in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the Florida Keys, United States, about 67 miles west of Key West, and 37 miles west of the Marquesas Keys, the closest islands. You can get there by a high speed boat or by seaplane.  This was a Civil War prison with its' most notable "guest" Dr. Samuel Mudd who was convicted as being part of the group who assassinated President Lincoln.  The tour is fascinating and is worth the day spent.  Oh, you can also snorkel here also.